The Dark Knight Rises Movie 2012 Review

The Dark Knight Rises, the third in Nolan's Batman series, is long. Nearly 3 hours long in fact.
And for the most part, Nolan pulls it off, but although it has "Rises" in the title, it never quite rises to the standards Christopher Nolan set in his first 2 "Na na na na na na na na, na na na na na na na na, Batman!" films. But then which trilogies do? (OK, some do). Theres now a Dark Knight Rises Slot Machine as well, of course. And boy- was it worth the wait. Anyway, on to the film......

The Dark Knight Rises Trailer. We do like the airplane scene....

It's fine as a film to switch off to and forget your day to day worries (hey, you might mock- but that's important). And Batman fanatics will love it. But if you are looking for an entralling script, then the writing falls down a little.

The action is good, the special effects are great, even, but the film doesn't really clip along like it should. It feels disjointed.
The action is entertaining, and the The Dark Knight Rises isn’t a flop, it's just not a classic, that's all. Well, not a classic like the Dark Knight Slot in any case (in our opinion).

The Short Plot:
Enter Bane, a ruthless terrorist with a Mashk that makes it a bit thricky to hear what he's shaying (Sic.). He carries out his evil plan to rip Gotham and Batman's legacy to shreds. Physically past it and mentally drained, Bruce Wayne aka Batman must find the power within himself to 'Rise' and save the city.

Batman dissapeared into the night no less than 8 years previously. Where once there was a proud hero, now stands a timid fugitive. Having taken the blame for the death of District Attorney Harvey Dent, the Batman has given his all for what he and Commissioner Gordon for society. Crime had dropped to all time lows thanks to the anti-crime Dent Act that he formulated. But now the Cat Woman is back with a hidden agenda. And to top it, there's Bane, a masked and ruthless terrorist whose plans force The Dark Knight into the limelight once again. But is the weaker Batman any match for Bane?

What We Think

anne hathaway catwomanWell, we think Anne Hathaway is gorgeous of course. but what about the film?

The final 30 minutes are the best. If you want to see what a city looks like destroyed, you'll see it. And the themes are achingly topical: terrorism and economic collapse.

We did find it quite difficult to hear what the evil guy Bane was blathering on about through his mask. But on the other hand, we thoroughly enjoyed Anne Hathaway as Catwoman, and Christian Bale put in another fine performance as Bruce Wayne (Batman).

But the first two hours and 15 minutes contains alot of fat (come on editor). This is a film that doesn't really get going for an hour, by which time you are squirming around in your seat.

Batman finally comes to the rescue of Gotham, a recluse that is still blamed for the death of Harvey Dent, the creater of the Dent Act, legislation that left  Gotham City crime-free for 8 long years.

anne hathaway catwomanThe bad guys sign up The Catwoman Selina Kyle (Anne Hathaway) to frame him for an attack on the New York Stock Exchange and bring him down with a serious of bad investments.

Butler Alfred is back (Michael Caine), and he's joined by chief of police Jim Gordon (Gary Oldman) and technical guru Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman).
The new "Robin" is cop (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), who eventually stands by Batman's side.
Gary Oldman returns as Jim Gordon, while Joseph Gordon-Levitt makes an appearance as John Blake

We reckon the first of the trilogy, Batman Begins was the high water mark of this series. The second film was also good, although bordering on the sadistic. Sorry Nolan, but this was the poor brother of the first two. It's not a Turkey, but it does gobble occasionally.

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